Art Gallery

The Art Gallery of Sozopol, also known as the Picture Gallery, was established in 1991. It is located in the building of the old school “Sts. Cyril and Methodius” on the street of the same name, at the end of the old town. The building, constructed over a century ago in the Renaissance style, has been declared a cultural monument. Since its establishment, the gallery has been one of the hosts for Bulgarian and foreign artists during the annual “Apollonia Festival of Arts and Culture”.

The permanent exhibition of the Art Gallery includes 287 works of painting and graphics, including pieces donated by participants in the International Artists-Mariners Workshops. They feature works by renowned Sozopol artists Yani Hrisopulos and Petar Katerkov, as well as Alexander Mutafov, who had a deep affection for Sozopol and was one of the first Bulgarian marine artists. The exhibition also showcases works by Georgi Bozhilov-Slona, G. Baev, M. Maslarova, Elsa and Vlado Goevi.

The permanent exhibition of the Art Gallery in Sozopol also features around 40 sculptures made of marble, granite, bronze, chamotte, gabbro, and woodcarvings. Among them are works by Nikolay Shmirgela, Georgi Gyonov, V. Simeonov, and P. Petrov.