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The guesthouse’s liability to the Client is limited to the price of the booking. The Client indemnifies "CASA DEL MARE CONSORTIUM" DZZD from and against any and all liability and any claims, proceedings or damages resulting or arising from the booking, event or function, the Client, guests or any outside contractors of the Client.

"CASA DEL MARE CONSORTIUM" DZZD will not be liable for failure to perform to the extent that the failure is caused by any factor beyond its reasonable control.

"CASA DEL MARE CONSORTIUM" DZZD does not accept any responsibility for the Client’s personal property nor those of its guests, employees, representatives, invitees or contractors including gifts, presents, seminar, conference, exhibition, or other corporate presentation material or such other items brought by the Client, its employees, Guests, representatives, invitees or contractors to the Property (cumulatively referred to as the “Client’s Property”). "CASA DEL MARE CONSORTIUM" DZZD may, at the request of the Client, provide personnel to assist in carrying, directing, placing, installing or setting up (as the case may be) the Client’s Property. "CASA DEL MARE CONSORTIUM" DZZD will not assume custody or control of such articles, which remain on "CASA DEL MARE CONSORTIUM" DZZD’s premises at the owners risk. In such an instance, the Client acknowledges and accepts that the Client shall remain responsible for the Client’s Property and shall not hold "CASA DEL MARE CONSORTIUM" DZZD liable in any manner whatsoever.

The Client is responsible for any damage caused to the allocated rooms, its furnishings, utensils, fixtures and fittings and equipment in such rooms by any act, omission, default or neglect of the Client, its guests, employees, representatives, invitees or contractors and shall pay to "CASA DEL MARE CONSORTIUM" DZZD on demand the amount required to make good or remedy any such damage.

Clients should ensure that valuables are covered by the Client’s own insurance policy.

Clients must report any loss of or damage to their property immediately on discovery to the "CASA DEL MARE CONSORTIUM" DZZD’s Management, and shall make themselves available to assist with any reports made by "CASA DEL MARE CONSORTIUM" DZZD to the police.


Neither "CASA DEL MARE CONSORTIUM" DZZD, the Company, accept any liability for services rendered by third parties to Clients notwithstanding that such services may be arranged by the Property or the Company.

Any claim, demand, charge, suit or damages which may be incurred by the Client or their Guests (or any person claiming thereunder) shall be made directly with such third parties and the Property shall render all reasonable assistance in this regard.


The Client is recommended to have and is responsible for insurance to cover cancellation, curtailment, and loss of baggage, personal effects and money.

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please use the Contact page.